All About Fortnite Liferun Mode | To Debut Next Week

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Fortnite is debuting a new unconventional 'Liferun' creative mode. Wherein a player must save lives to win the game instead of getting the highest number of kills as intended earlier. Players will play as Red Cross workers and travel across the map to save lives in 4 different missions. Players will be using a golf cart to the same.

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Liferun mode is developed by Team Evolve in association with the International Red Cross.

Fans will be able to play the new Liferun mode once it debuts at PAX South, San Antonio, Texas on January 17 and January 19.

Popular Fortnite streamers like ONE_shot_GURL, Lachlan and DrLupo will be streaming Liferun mode on January 19 at 9.30 PM IST.

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As of now, Epic has not clearly said how long Liferun will be a part of the game. This mode could be live for just a few weeks.

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Fortnite may have added the Liferun mode as the first season will be ending by February and its quite important to keep the game fresh till then. This probably will be the last major update until the next season starts.

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