BGMI new update: BGMI to release its public version by next week, both for android and iOS

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BGMI new update: BGMI to release its public version by next week, both for android and iOS: Battlegrounds Mobile India was finally released after much controversy and speculations. But, the game is still in the beta phase and available to only a section of the users, that too with limited features. However, this is soon going to change when BGMI new update is released for its public version.

BGMI new update will bring global matchmaking and the will become available on iOS.

Since BGMI is in early access phase, it is available to only Android users and not iOS users. Several comunity stakeholders have claimed that BGMI for iOS will be released when the game comes out of beta and the BGMI main version is released.

Another missing feature from BGMI beta is global matchmaking. BGMI users can only play with Indian (BGMI) users currently, and not with anyone playing PUBG Mobile. While this may not seem like a prominent issue for the casual BGMI players, it is in fact something that esports fans are longing for. But Why? Because if global matchmaking is not available, Indian BGMI esports will remain limited to India only, and our Indian teams will not be able to participate in global PUBG Mobile competitions.

BGMI new update to launch in the first week of July and bring global matchmaking

Many BGMI streamers like Scout have stressed the fact that the BGMI would only launch when Kafton enables global matchmaking. Scout, in his past live streams, had said that Krafton is fixing an issue related to global matchmaking in BGMI.

Recently, Kronten, another important community stakeholder and the owner of Godlike Esports, revealed that the issue that Scout was talking about has been fixed. He also added that BGMI could be launched in the first week of July, and finally for iOS users too.

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Sources close to Gamzo claim that BGMI will come out of the Beta phase on 6 July 2021, and the game would also be launched the same day, along with BGMI global matchmaking.

The launch of BGMI new update will be marked with a Streamers Battle, wherein several BGMI content creators, professional players and other stakeholders will compete.

BGMI to host Streamers Battle for Teams and Content Creators

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When BGMI is launching?

Several community stakeholders say that BGMI would be launched in the first week of July.

What is the BGMI launch date in India official?

If our sources are to be believed, BGMI's official launch date in India is 6 July 2021, which falls in line with Kronten's statement that the game would launch in the first week of July.

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