[Huge Agent Changes] All the upcoming agent changes in patch 3.0 leaked so far

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Valorant's new act and new agent Kay/0 will be added to the game on June 22 2021. Along with the new act, a new patch - patch 3.0 will go live in two weeks. This new patch is aimed to make the game feel new as almost all the agents are either buffed or nerfed.

It's safe to say that Episode 3 Act 1 will feel like an entirely new game!

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Agent Changes:


The number of flashes is reduced to two instead of three. The aftershock is now 3 small bursts rather than one big burst. This will surely force Breach mains to change their playstyle a little bit as they can clear corners more aggressively by using aftershock three times in one round.

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Reyna is nerfed in patch 3.0. Her leer now costs 250 valorant points.

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Viper has been the meta since her huge nerf in earlier patches. Viper's nerf was expected sooner or later in order to change the meta a little bit. Her molly now costs 200 instead of 100 points.

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Pheonix's curveball is increased from 200 points to 250 points.

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Raze just got nerfed all the way. Her boom bot now costs a hefty 400 valorant points. Her ultimate, Showstopper now required 8 ultimate points instead of 7.

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Jett got her cloudburst(+100 points),updraf(+50 points)t and ultimate nerfed(+1 orb point).

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Omen got hit with some nerfs and some buffs. He now starts with only one smoke and the second smoke is worth 100 points. His teleport is increased by 50 points and Paranoia flash is decreased by 100 points.

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Skye got an interesting nerf. Her flashes now need to recharge. They recharge after 40 seconds.

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Sova is one of few agents who has been nerfed to the ashes. His owl drone(+100 points), shock dart(+50 points) and ultimate(+1 orb point) have their prices increased. Sova mains will think twice before randomly winging a shock dart lineup from now on.

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Slow orbs have an increased price of 200 now. Also, Sage now requires 8 ultimate orb points instead of just 7.

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Jett cannot dash through Cypher's tripwires now. This is a huge buff to the agent. This buff will surely help Cypher to gain an edge over Killjoy.

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Astra got hit with a nerf and a buff. Her stars are now worth 150 but she now starts the round with only a single star.

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I am very interested for this patch. After a long time, we will hopefully get to see a new meta. In my opinion, the Viper and Astra was one of the most boring metas as it entirely relied upon just stalling opponents.

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