Cloud Gaming: Microsoft's Latest X-factor over Sony

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Microsoft's xCloud service is going to release on 15 September 2020, since the dispatch of google stadia service last year xCloud has been in the news. Now that the service is going to launch probably a month before Xbox series X the speculations are being made by fans and analysts.

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What is cloud Gaming?

The regular tradition of playing games after downloading and installing them on your hard disk drive is soon going to become outdated with the arrival of cloud services dedicated to gaming like Xcloud or Stadia.

With cloud computing, all the game files are stored in a server, and you can access all your games with just a click on your device, similar to the way you browse movies on Netflix.

All your commands that you provide to the game like forwarding, left, or right are recorded. Then, a video is sent back to you with those implemented actions and all that in just a matter of seconds.

In such a way Cloud gaming also removes the high specifications of the games required and all you need is just a good device to stream those videos.

Cloud Gaming

Microsoft is right now preparing for the dispatch of its forthcoming Xbox Series X console, which will contend with Sony's own cutting edge console, the PlayStation 5.

In any case, Microsoft has put an expanding center around cloud gaming and memberships, with all its forthcoming cutting edge games including "Radiance Infinite" and "Tale" set to come to Xbox Game Pass. The computer game segment has flourished during the coronavirus pandemic because of government-implemented lockdowns around the globe.