H3CZ reacquires OpTic Gaming from IGC, Huntsmen rebranded to OpTic Chicago

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NRG Esports co-owner Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez has re-acquired OpTic Gaming wholly from Immortals Gaming Club (IGC) today. Chicago Huntsmen have become OpTic Chicago now.

Hector 'H3CZ' Rodriguez announced today that he had reacquired OpTic Gaming, which he founded, from Immortals Gaming Club.

Following IGC's acquisition of OpTic Gaming and other assets from Infinite Esports and Entertainment in 2019, H3CZ left OpTic Gaming and joined NRG as co-owner and co-ceo, though he retained a minority interest in OpTic and IGC. After the conclusion of the inaugural season of COD League, H3CZ and IGC reached an agreement whereby H3CZ reacquired full ownership of OpTic Gaming and unwound his outstanding interest with IGC, including minority ownership of IGC'c League of Legends team.

"OpTic Gaming has always been a part of me, and I am glad that it has finally returned home to our fans," says H3CZ.

"We lost a year of innovation, we lost a year of advancement, we lost a year of not being able to do what OpTic has been doing for the last seven years," H3CZ had said earlier in an interview with Dexerto.

Rodriguez took the reins of OpTic Gaming in 2007, one year after its creaton, and brought the COD team to the competitive scene in 2010. He sold the majority share of OpTic Gaming to Infinite Esports and Entertainment in 2017.

IGC, on the heels of a recent capital raise, will continue to operate its team brands, including Immortals, and MIBR, as well as Gamers Club, its Brazilian-based matchmaking platform and competitive gaming community hub.

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