How to get more blue gems from the Dota 2 Side Shop | Dota 2 Side Shop Tricks

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With the Battle pass reaching its final stretch, owners have pretty much received almost all the items from the treasures, however, the Dota 2 side shop has an interesting reward for spare treasure owners, blue gems in exchange for treasures and Arcanas.

Dota 2 Side Shop blue gems

Obtaining a Dota 2 Arcana item is quite expensive, however if you have invested quite a lot of time in grinding for your battle pass and now you have some treasures to spare, its time to hop in the Dota 2 side shop!

If you do not know how to open the Dota 2 side shop, check our article here!

This guide is a simple strategy for the side shop, I will recommend which combination of heroes are the fastest way to earn those Blue gems consistently. I have one for those who feel lucky and those who don't, so if you are a skeptical person who does not wish upon the Gods of RNG, it is fine!

The Strategy for that sweet Dota 2 Techies Arcana!

Simply put, it is not rocket science! If you have a few thousand gold to spare and some time to grind those coins for the Arcana, it is fairly easy to obtain.

For the ones who feel very lucky

Two Gold tier and One Purple tier 3 star heroes at a time.

Yep, if you have the blessings of Rylai, make sure to try and obtain this combination of heroes everytime in your slots and sell them for those Blue gems. You should not run out of space unless you are very close to completely upgrading them. Remember, you have to risk big to get big!

For the Skeptical ones

Two purple tier and One gold tier 3 star heroes at a time.

For us normies, this is possibly the best combination to obtain that techies Arcana. If you have decent rolls, 3.5k gold will get you 25 gems by a rough calculation. Make sure to skip all those lower tier 1-3 heroes and reach higher!

Also, if you have treasures to spare, recycle them for gold! If you fail to obtain an Arcana by the end of the pass, you can always redeem the immortal treasures. Hope you guys obtain your techies Arcana by the end of the pass, Good Luck!


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