Is the new FAU-G game copied? People are accusing the developer of these things

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  • India banned PUBG Mobile, 117 other apps recently.
  • nCore Games has announced a new FAU-G game today.
  • The release date is believed to be around October.

Just two days after the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile, nCore Games have announced their own multiplayer game, FAU-G (not to be confused with fauji, or FAUG). FAU-G stands for Fearless And United Guards. While the game is believed to be a copy of the banned PUBG Mobile, it is still unknown that if it will be a battle royale. We do know that the first level of the game will be set in Galwan valley, and will be available to download in October. The official trailer video has not yet been launched.

FAU-G: PUBG Mobile Alternative Announced by Akshay Kumar | Best Indian Game After 118 Apps Ban?

The Indian people are already very hyped because of the obvious reasons. However, soon after the teaser poster of the FAU-G was released, netizens started accusing the nCore Games as well as actor Akshay Kumar for various things including plagiarism.

The poster of the FAU-G game is copied

Out of the many accusations including 'fooling people in the name of nationalism', one is that the poster of the game being stock image. Here is the claimed stock image, we have verified that the image was already available on Shutterstock.

original image of the copied fau-g poster
The original image for FAU-G poster

Update: The developer, nCore Games has clarified that they had bought the image from Shutterstock and they have the license to use it.

This is how Twitter is reacting

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