Krafton and Tesla partnership: Now players can find Tesla in BGMI

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Krafton and Tesla partnership- Now players can find Tesla in BGMI: South Korean Gaming firm – Krafton has announced a partnership with Tesla (the car makers) to bring exciting electric vehicles and futuristic modes in the maps of BGMI and PUBG Mobile. On Tuesday, Krafton announced that players can play the new model in the latest update, where they can find four Gigafactory located on the map of Erangel. These Gigafactories will feature massive loot along with exclusive Tesla vehicles. Also, players can find other cars along with Tesla in BGMI.

They can enter those facility centres located on the map, collect the loot and produce Tesla Model Y. Players can drive those electric vehicles throughout the map. Also, Tesla Model Y features some unique aspects like the Auto-driving mode in the game, using which players can make the car run on specific road paths.

Throughout the map, Tesla semi boxes will be available, using which players can collect loot similar to the loot in airdrops. An automated Tesla truck will run through the map, which will drop these boxes in certain positions. Players can destroy these trucks to get more loot.

New BGMI Ranking season and RP season explained

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From the 13th of July, players can find a Tesla in BGMI event section, from which they can redeem different types of Tesla car skins using UC (in-game currency). Note that the Tesla skin is applicable on Dacia only.

Changes in ranking system & game mechanism

Apart from these fancy changes, there are many changes in the game mechanism and ranking system. According to Krafton, there are some minor changes aiming to improve the gameplay. This change includes TPP viewing angles, alterations at gun’s gyroscope sensitivity, and changes in crouch mechanism.

Tesla in BGMI

The ranking system has been modified, and the new raking system will be applicable from the 14th of July with the new BGMI season. Now, two more ranks like Ace master & Dominator are added between Ace & conqueror. Also, the frames, name tag, and entry effect are going to change with this update.

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