Last of Us 2: The Most awaited game of the Year

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The Last of Us 2 as those who have played the first part says is the most awaited game of the year. It is all set to release on June 19, 2020, and fans all around the globe are eagerly waiting.

The Last of Us released for the first time in 2013. It has a great impact on the fans and they all loved it. A sequel for this game is in demand ever since. Now that the release is closer we will take a look at what we already know about it.

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You will be playing as Ellie again and the story will continue where it was left in Last of Us. The expansive universe and the detailed surroundings by Naughty Dog will be there to enjoy.

The Last of Us 2 will definitely run on PS5 as confirmed by the PlayStation CEO, Jim Ryan. However, the game is exclusive to the PS4 Plus members and it might take some time to reach other platforms.

A series of 4 trailers is announced and the last trailer will launch on June 3. Acknowledging previous trailers, we can predict that the game is brutal and incorporates an emotional journey. As a result, the game is on a ban in middle eastern countries. However, the reason is not clear yet.

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Emerging out of the various conspiracies, whether it be the delay due to coronavirus pandemic, leaked game footage/ cut scenes, or the game getting banned in the middle east. The game is finally going to be available for us. Hopefully, the fans will enjoy this paramount source of entertainment by Naughty Dog and Sony.