Sony PS5 event scheduled on June 4

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Sony has announced a special event on June 4. The company is supposed to offer the world some insights on the next generation of gaming console, PlayStation 5. As far as we know, Sony will be showing a new group of games exclusively for the PS5.

The event is going to be a live stream on Thursday, June 4 at 1 pm Pacific time. (Friday, June 5 at 1:30) The sole purpose of this event is to reveal the games available on the PlayStation 5. However, we know about the DualSense controller, graphical capabilities of the PS5 by Epic Games, and almost nothing other than that.

The hardware capabilities of the PS5 will feature 825 GB SSD, eight Ryzen Zen cores, and a custom GPU based on Sony's RDNA2 technology. Also, a dedicated hardware unit for a 3-dimensional audio hardware unit will also be established. The Sony PS5 will support backward compatibility.

The console supremacy fight continues between Sony and Microsoft. Both of them are making the fans starve for the information of these next-generation consoles. However, Sony reveals that they will be including games from both large and small studios and a pack of Top 100 games from PS4 will also be included.

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Sony did manage to outsmart the Xbox back when PS4 was entering the market by making the PS4 cheaper by $100. Sony will be looking for that success once again. Therefore, they are revealing PS5 specifications from time to time to keep the fans hyped up. However, Microsoft will be looking at Sony's every step carefully and would be ready to make a move very soon.