New Prince of Persia Remake by Ubisoft confirmed?

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A rumor just hit twitter that Ubisoft is making Prince of Persia remake. The long wait for the Prince of Persia fans will now get over? or is it just another rumor which is gonna vanish like thousands of other rumors.

Fans of this prince of persia series mus be happy even its just a rumour.

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It predicts that the Prince of Persia remake game will be released in November 2020 on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. However, which particular game would the remake consider is still a question. We can expect a Sands of time remake of the entire triology.

Judge by the usual accuracy of these rumors we can say that there is a very good chance that it is true. Although it does not seems to be entirely out of the box thinking by Ubisoft considering the huge success of the entire trilogy released more than a decade ago.

Well, this isn't all for we have, we have two well-known leakers almost confirm the Prince of Persia remake for us. Check out his tweet below.

Thus, we can conclude that there something going on in Ubisoft for the Prince of Persia remake but it would be too much to expect anything soon.

Ubisoft website also shows the same, thus, we can't say its a rumor anymore. Check it out here. In the meantime, you can let me know in the comments below the Prince of Persia part you want to see a remake of!