PUBG Mobile Introduces 90 FPS for OnePlus Devices | Advantage to Players | Boon or Bane?

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Games have come a long way on the path of getting more realistic. if we talk about 90 FPS, it is a life-changing experience for any mobile player. PUBG Mobile is of the finest games in the current era that holds a special place in every battle royale player. The developers have tried to add more features in the game for a better experience. You need to have a high-performance device to experience the enhanced graphics of the game.

It was officially announced that PUBG is collaborating with the multinational mobile company- OnePlus. This news is confirmed and both mega-companies aim to add another milestone in the graphics settings of the game. Earlier, “Extreme” was the highest graphical setting that you could go for. But now something beyond is added to the game, ”90 FPS”! this will allow the OnePlus players to play the game at 1.5x times the framerate of normal devices.

Will it Provide Unfair Advantage?

It might not be good news for normal device players, but the answer is Yes! If you talking about any online game that needs a connection with server, framerate will definitely affect your gameplay. Video games are trying to maintain a high frame rate to provide extra smooth graphics.

As more PUBG Tournaments are on their way of approaching, this will cause a huge blow to players with other devices. This will provide an unfair advantage to the OnePlus players in the match deciders. The hosts must consider it as this might create a serious problem in the later stages.

What is Benefit of 90 FPS?

FPS or the ‘Frames Per Second’ is a game-changing factor. Higher the FPS, the faster the screen will load on your device. This will eventually lead to an accurate reaction time to shoot or aim. In other words, device with a high framerate will receive the signal from server and displays it a bit faster. This allows us to see the target a split second early. This definitely sets OnePlus players one step ahead.

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90 FPS Collaboration Details

This collaboration is a kind of test run for the 90 FPS settings. The event will be activated for about a month- August 6 to September 7. Only a few selected OnePlus devices will get privelage of this new feature. The listed mobile devices are:

90 fps
  • OnePlus 7 Pro
  • OnePlus 7T (Series)
  • OnePlus 8

However, the latest release of OnePlus Nord is still to be added to the list. Otherwise, if you have any of the mentioned devices, go and enjoy the latest 90 FPS graphics of PUBG Mobile.

How to Activate 90 FPS?

Firstly, you would need to change the refresh rate of the screen to Maximum available settings. Go to

90 fps

Settings > Display > Screen Refresh Rate.

After that , go to PUBG Mobile and start it. Get to Settings option and tap the 90 FPS mode on.

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