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The PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 beta version can be recently seen in many places. The developers have tried to add a bunch of interesting features to the game. Among the new additions, we will now see a new Fourex Map in the game. It will be the part of classic section and players will enjoy it along with the other four maps already in the game.

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Many players think that PUBG Mobile gets its new features mainly from the PC version, may it be any weapon or a map. But this time we will see a brand new map coming right away from the archive files of the developers. This map is exclusively made available for the Mobo version of the game.

As the map is still under development, many things like the name of the map are not yet finalised. The term ‘Fourex’ was revealed by the famous YouTuber PowerBang in his latest video where he showed the gameplay of the map.

Players are coming out with different names like the Jungle map. It seems to be a combination of Sanhok & Erangel with some new features.

The Smallest Map- Fourex

Until now, Sanhok was considered to be the smallest map of the game with 4x4 dimensions. But once the Fourex gets released, it will be crowned at the smallest map with 2x2 dimensions.

According to PowerBang, this map with such small dimensions will be greatest among all of the present maps. Players can experience grasslands of Sanhok, mountains of Erangel, deserts of Miramar, and snow of Vikendi in this single map.

PUBG even teased this new map on its Twitter handle a few days back. It seemed to be a possibility of something new and interesting is hitting the game very soon.

Some pictures were attached on the side of postcards. All the four pictures join together in the correct order gives a look of this new map. I don’t think we need any further explanation about getting this map in 0.19.0 update of the game.

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Also, it is quite observable in the gameplay footage that location names are not decided. The places in the map are marked as M301, M302 and so on. Players will definitely see cool names to these locations once it gets officially released on the global version.

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