Call of Duty WW2 free for PS4 Plus Members

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Seeking the needs of the gaming community and a way of rewarding the audience Sony announced Call of Duty WW2 free on PS4 Plus. Although, Sony announces free games every month for its PS 4 Plus members. The game will be free for all the members of Sony's PS4 Plus service starting from 26 May.

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Sony revealed on the official twitter handle of PlayStation that the game will be available for all the subscribers of PS 4 Plus throughout June.

Other Free Games

Another free game is coming following this week. However, that will also be for the PS 4 Plus members.

Call of Duty WW2 released back in 2017, it is the first COD game in the world war era after the 2008, Call of Duty: World at War.

The games have the essence of Call of Duty which all the COD players must be familiar with. Also, the game is very well known for its single-player format and has earned quite a lot of audiences around the globe. However, you can enjoy the multiplayer format and the zombie mode equally as well.

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Other games free currently are the Farming Simulator and the Cities: Skylines for the PS 4 Plus members. Both of these games will be available only until June 1, so make sure you claim them before the deadline.

The other free game for the month of June will arrive later this week. We will surely keep you informed as soon as the information is released. Call of Duty WW2