Riot Games sends out Valorant's customized spikes to content creators and celebrities

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Riot Games is celebrating Valorant's one year anniversary by sending certain celebrities and content creators with customized spikes some Valorant knives inside it.

Russian DJ Zedd, and content creator QuarterJade received the spike till now. The spike comes with three Valorant knives- a glitchpop dagger, a golden prime karambit, and a singularity knife.

"as usual, @PlayVALORANT has outdone themselves" Jade tweeted. Jade further wrote "they sent me a personalized SPIKE?!? along with a glitchpop dagger, singularity knife, and golden prime//2.0 karambit thank you so much for the gifts and happy YEAR 1 anniversary to my favorite game".

Zedd tweeted "I love you soooo so so so much @PlayVALORANT!!! This is the coolest gift ever!!! PS: does anyone know how to defuse the spike?".

It's rare to see a company put in such an effort in a game's one year celebration. These are the things that make Riot Games and Valorant a new wave in the Esports and Gaming scene. If you want a piece of some free in-game goodies, Valorant's Year 1 event rewards will be available with the commencement of Episode 3 Act 1 on June 22 2021.

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