Scout reveals Soul BGMI Lineup on his live stream

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With the official launch of BGMI in India, esports organizations and competitive players are looking for a fresh start in tournaments. Most of the organizations had to make changes in their roster as per their player’s requirements. As Krafton stated that they would be investing 100 Million dollars in India, more esports organizations and International orgs are interested in stepping in BGMI esports.

Interestingly, Team Soul, one of India's oldest and most fan-followed esports teams, had not announced their BGMI lineup. As the most popular fan-favourite team, S8UL fans are impatient to know their team official BGMI lineup.

Scout, one of the most deadly assaulters in BGMI, reveals about the Soul BGMI lineup. When scout was streaming on Loco, he said he would reveal the soul lineup if he hits the 10K viewers mark. Surprisingly, he had hit a peak watching of 11K on his loco stream. After hitting 10K live viewers, he stated that the lineup would consist of Mavi, scout and three others whose name first letters are M, V & R. After this statement, he declined to give any hints further. But most of the audience can assume his lineup as the three names are Mortal, Regaltos and viper.

S8UL has not made any official announcement regarding their BGMI lineup. But most of the members of S8UL have made several statements and hints regarding their BGMI lineup. 8bit Goldy, the co-owner of S8UL, stated that the official announcement regarding the soul BGMI lineup would be made this week. He also stated that all contracts and paperwork regarding the lineup had been made.

About Streamers Showdown

Krafton is likely to conduct a Streamers Showdown to promote the game. The competition will be the first community event after the BGMI release. Your most popular streamers and competitive players will be competing against each other in this competition. We will update you on the story when we have more updates regarding this topic.