ValoNERD #4: Viper on Bind: A-site Defenders side

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ValoNERD #4: Viper on Bind: A-site Defenders side: After covering the entire attackers side of Viper on Bind- post plant lineups, A-site attack and B-site attack, let's take a look on how to play Viper on the Defending side on Bind.

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Cover all entrances of both the bomb sites

If you want to cover A-short, showers, hookah and octagon then you can use this method.

  1. Put your Poison Cloud in front of showers' entrance as shown.
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2. Position yourself by sticking to the left wall of get-right(Fnatic named the cubby near A-short as get-right to avoid confusion) as shown in the minimap and throw your wall inside the teleportal as shown.

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3. Your wall should cover A-short, Hookah and Octagon and your poison cloud will cover Showers.

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Save your Poison Cloud

This method can be used if the enemies just keep hard pushing sites. This method is used to slow the enemies mainly at hookah.

  1. Throw your Viper's Wall near showers in such a way that it should cover Showers and A-short entrance. You can do this by standing at the left side wall of the showers entrance and looking at A-site teleportal when throwing the wall. This will cover both the entrances at A-site.
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2. If the enemies are pushing B-site hookah, then stand at get-right and randomly run and throw your Poison Cloud inside the teleportal so that it will land in hookah blocking the enemy vision on B-site.

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3. You can even throw a molly after the Poison Cloud for additional damage!

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