Sentinels of Light Valorant price, variants, effects, and images inside

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Sentinels of Light Valorant price, variants, effects, and images inside: Riot Games just revealed their upcoming sin bundle in Valorant, Sentinels of Light or the SOL collection.

Riot Games has just released the Ruination bundle based on the recent Ruination event going on in the League of Legends and other Riot Games' games. This collection is believed to be the polar opposite of the Ruination collection.

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The Sentinels of Light collection is inspired by champion SENNA and her light related abilities. The design structure of these skins is pretty similar to the weapon used by SENNA.

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The Sentinels of Light collection(SOL) contains Sheriff, Ares, Vandal, Operator and finally a melee which is called the RELIC OF THE SENTINEL. Let's take a look at all the skins included in this skin bundle, the player card and the gun buddy of the SOL collection.

Sentinels of Light Valorant Player Card

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The player card shows a Sentinel of Light wielding the Relic of the Sentinel melee. The image on the card seems to be a part of the SOL event's leaked image that we got to see a few days ago. We have covered all about this collection and the SOL event in an article that you can check out here.

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Sentinels of Light Valorant Gun Buddy

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Sentinels of Light Sheriff

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Sentinels of Light Ares

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Sentinels of Light Vandal

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Sentinels of Light Operator

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Sentinels of Light Melee (knife): Relic of the Sentinel

The bundle's knife/melee is called Relic of the Sentinel.

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Sentinels of Light Variants

The variants do not have a name as of writing this article. So we will be referring to the variants as Variant 1, Variant 2, Variant 3 and Variant 4. Riot Games said they wanted at least one skin bundle to have variants purely focused on feminine colours or at least to appeal more to the female player base. Riot Games has absolutely nailed this skin collection when it comes to appealing to the female player base. All the variants are completely focused on feminine colours and they also seem to match with female agents in the game like Reyna.

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Variant 1(default variant)

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Variant 2

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Variant 3

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Variant 4

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Sentinels of Light Valorant Sound Effects

In my personal opinion, in the launch video uploaded by Hitscan youtube channel where he demonstrated the gameplay of these skins, the skins sounded louder than any of the existing skins in the game. They were even louder than the Origin collection. It seemed like after getting a kill the player cannot hear anything other than his/her SOL skin for 1-2 seconds. Even Shroud thinks that some of the skin bundles are PAY TO LOSE. Check out more about this story here.

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Sentinels of Light Valorant Finisher

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The finisher was aimed to be something to demonstrate the power of the SOL skins when it comes to removing the Ruination effect on the agents. This means these skins have the power to purify the Ruination effect and cleanse the soul of the agents. As you can see, the 1st part of the finisher looks like the Ruined soul of Sova is leaving his body. Also, notice the soul has Ruination themed colours and is wearing a crown similar to that of VIEGO.

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The second part of the finished shows the appearance of the ancient geometric figures which we also saw in the gun buddy and the scope of these skins. This figure seems to clean the Ruined soul by the power of Light!

All in all Riot Games is surely doing a great job when it comes to releasing unreal skin bundles. This is the perfect skin collection to rival the Ruination collection.

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Sentinels of Light Valorant Price

Finally the price! The skins are certainly one of the best, with a lot of fancy stuff. I personally like the finisher (kill animation) a lot. Judging by the work it must have taken to make, and also the previous Ruination bundle, which was for the same event going on across Riot's titles, the Sentinels of Light skin bundle should be priced at 8,700 VP. Nonetheless, we should wait for Riot Games to reveal the SOL price.

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Sentinels of Light Valorant Video