PUBG Mobile: Latest Spike Trap & Melee Throwing Mechanics in Game | Best Bridge Camp Strategy for 1.9.1 Update

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  • The new Spike Trap is tested in beta version
  • We might also get Melee Throwing mechanics in game

We have seen a lot of major improvements in PUBG Mobile since the beginning. The developers always try to add new features to keep the excitement level of players high. Recently with the launch of New ERA in the game, players are liking game mechanics. A few more things are on the list to get featured in the game soon. Let’s find out the Latest Spike Trap & Melee Throwing Mechanics in PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update.

New Spike Trap

The strategy of bridge camping exists from the first season of PUBG Mobile. The technique includes to camp on narrow paths like bridges and surrounded roads waiting for an enemy car. Once it reaches closer to you, a surprise attack can easily take them down. Sometimes players tend to block roads with UAZ’s or Dacia’s which is not the correct way. The enemy can easily spot it and change their route from a safe distance.

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spike trap

Not now, with the introduction of Spike Trap, players can easily destroy the tyres of any vehicle and stop it. It will be available to collect as a normal loot item and used when needed. You just have to select it and deploy at correct distance. It will almost cover the complete road and will be active until a vehicle passes over. It will burst all the tyres of the vehicle after which it can’t move.

spike trap

The best thing about Spike trap is the non-visibility. It is so thin that enemies can’t spot it from far. You need to be very close to see if it is there or not. Moreover, you now don’t have to waste your ammo to destroy the enemy vehicle. Just focus on landing shots on the players and the vehicle will automatically be handled by the spike trap.

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After a single use, it gets deactivate and vanishes after few seconds. You have to deploy another trap to keep the drill going. So, make sure to have a couple of them in your bag and use them during bridge blocks. Also keep an eye on the enemy traps as who knows, you might be the next one to get trapped!

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Melee Throwing Mechanics

melee throw

Melee weapons were the least used weapons until you plan to do a pan fight in the end. Only the pan a bit more useful than others at it stopped the incoming bullets on your back. But no more, the melee weapons can now be thrown at enemies to deal damage. The mechanics will be similar to grenades as both now come in the category of ‘Throwables’.

melee throw

You can now even collect several melee weapons of similar or different kinds. These will be collected in your bagpack and use them when needed. This will change the game strategy for ever as now you can throw pans and sickles at the enemy players.

All these features are being tested and are only available in beta versions of PUBG Mobile. But expect them to get launched in the real game soon. Make sure to follow Gamzo for more gaming updates.

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