TEC Gauntlet S1: Day 10; Global Esports, Godlike and Force One Continue their Strong runs

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The Esports Club Gauntlet - Season 1 - Regular Season which kicked off the 12th of June, Saturday is the league season of the TEC Gauntlet Season 1 featuring a 2,50,000 INR prize pool up for grabs for 16 teams split in groups of two.

Here are the summarized events from Day 8 if you missed them:

The Groups are:

Group AGroup B
Global EsportsVelocity Gaming
Team InazumaT69
Force OneTrue Rippers
Insignia Samurai Esports
Godlike EsportsEnigma Gaming
Team ValorKuch Bhi
SimpleROG Academy
TempesTTeam FANGS

The Gauntlet Series is brough to you by The Esports Club and is sponsored by AMD & WD Black.

Fixtures for Day 10:

Godlike Esports v/s TempesT [2-0]

Day 10 began with a dominant performance from the Godlike Roste. The performance was a good performance all round, from most players on Godlike, with them having to play that butt-clenching 14-12 on Ascent, which subsequently broke TempesT's morale and led to 13-5 comfortable finish on Haven.

Godlike Esports

Zoid was the standout performer for TempesT, playing Phoenix on both maps, and putting up a decent 1.22 KD, over a net -10 rounds.

Force One Esports v/s Team Inazuma [2-0]

The other game we saw was a disciplined Force One Esports taking on Team Inazuma. Force One Esports played this series with utmost composure and discipline and took it quite cleanly over two maps of 13-2 and 13-6.

Force One

Rafaa was the man that stood out today with a massive 1.64 KD, and a 75% Entry Success rate! The whole team together gave up only 7 entries, whilst Inazuma gave away 26! A different class altogether, today, Force One. Not a day to write home for any of Team Inazuma players, with not a single player going positive (whilst also picking up only 8 rounds across two maps)..

Global Esports v/s Team Insignia [2-0]

A very, very interesting 3rd game, with Team Insignia making two changes to their VALORANT roster yesterday. Insignia announced that they have dropped Trill and news came of 69G retiring from professional VALORANT in the last few days. Insignia picked up Black Ranger and Gravity to replace them, who together as a team did very well considering the circumstances.

Global Esports

Insignia took Global, the undisputed best team in India to 10 rounds on Icenox, which was a shock to most. On bind, they fell slightly more flat, and did not perform as well, but with two new players, on their first official map, the performance they put out was quite something. The standout on Global was ofcourse SKRossi, whilst on the side of Insignia was their sentinel player, Shloakzyy who had quite a few very important rounds and multikills.

What to look out for on Day 11:

Looking ahead to Day 11, True Rippers will be taking on Velocity Gaming whereas Team FANGS go up against Kuch Bhi.

The games will be streamed live here. Tune in at 11 AM IST for action packed VALORANT goodness!