Valorant agent KAY/O revealed, video here

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Valorant's latest agent, who is to join the server with Episode 3, was leaked earlier today. The new agent KAY/O will be an initiator with VP ID 17. Valorant have officially revealed the agent just now on Youtube. Have a look.

KAY/O's reveal trailer starts with Brimstone scouting KAY/O on Breeze. KAY/O is seen to be learning about other agents in the trailer, since it's a robot.

Valorant's 16th agent KAY/O is an initiator

Kayo will join VP (Valorant Protocol) as an initiator along with Breach, Sova, and Skye. As Kayo is an initiator, its abilities would help open up a site. Valorant had previously teased Kayo's abilities, and the leaked images showcase the same thing.

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