Valorant Battle Royale: Valorant Mobile to come with a Battle Royale mode?

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Valorant Battle Royale: Valorant Mobile to come with a Battle Royale mode?: Riot Games has announced that it will be releasing the mobile version of Valorant PC and it looks like they are ready to take over the mobile gaming industry with a new Battle Royale game mode!

Valorant Battle Royale may launch with Valorant mobile.

Mobile gaming began to take the world by storm after the mobile version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on 23 March 2017. People seemed to love the new BATTLE ROYALE genre in mobile gaming and the hype just kept on increasing day by day. Since its inception, there have been many games like Free-Fire and even Epic Games that decided to dip their toes in the mobile Battle Royale genre by releasing the mobile version of Fortnite but failed miserably in dethroning PUBG mobile.

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Dataminer had revealed about Valorant Battle Royale

PlayerIGN is a data miner who is considered to be a notable and trustworthy source when it comes to PUBG mobile and some Krafton leaks. In his discord server, he posted a post about future Valorant leaks. The post included:

  • Japanese Agent
  • Mobile version announcement in June/summer
  • Valorant Battle Royale Mode
  • 5v5 bots mode, players vs AI (Similar to League of Legends’ Co-op)

Out of the four points that he mentioned, two of them turned out to be true! Valorant got its first Japanese agent, Yoru on January 12, 2020, and we got an official word on Valorant mobile in Riot Games' press release on June 2nd, 2021.

It's safe to say that there is a huge possibility for Riot Games to actually include a Valorant Battle Royale mode in its mobile version. They know that there is a huge market for it by just observing PUBG mobile's success in many countries like India. The mobile battle royale space is already dominated by games like PUBG mobile, Call of duty mobile and Free Fire.

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Valorant Mobile will surely be different from all these games after its release due to its wide pool of agents with special abilities. I have to say that the ball is in Riot Games' court now and the game's success will be entirely based on the execution as they already have all the materials needed to make a great game.

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