All about Rainbow Six Siege Tracker

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What is Rainbow six siege tracker?

The Rainbow six siege tracker is an application that gives you real-time stats like enemy MMR, win rate, abandons rate, etc. It helps you develop your strategy in the game.

What a tracker has to offer?

Everything a rainbow six siege tracker has to offer:

  • HS% lifetime stats
  • Top attacker and top defender ops
  • You can check your stats and your enemy's as well over different regions like Europe, America, and Asia.
  • Lifetime stats, season stats, and Top operators stats will be included in your profile.
  • Time played, Win%, Wins, K/D, and Kills of your enemies.

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Is rainbow six siege tracker safe?

Rainbow six siege trackers are 100% safe to use. I have used it personally for some time and it doesn't seem to cause any malfunctioning in the system. Also, the game files are totally intact.

Is it really useful?

Well, the gamer's society shares different opinions about the trackers being useful or being a total waste. But in my opinion getting a real-time enemy MMR, win rate, and abandon rate really helps you to build a new strategy and hopefully turn the tables sometimes.

Is it free? how can I get it?

Yes, the tracker is free and easily available online. You can download the app here. Once the download is finished, install the app in your device. You don't have to run the app, once you enter a match the application is going to start itself.