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  • This is a complete guide of Among Us Tips and tricks
  • Make sure to use them while playing with friends

We are witnessing one of the greatest games getting a lot of attention in 2020. Even simple to play games like Among Us are receiving much love from the players. It has become so popular even after the 2 years of release. You must have seen the title already, so without wasting any further time, let’s begin.

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#1 Catch the Imposter

The most difficult task for any crewmate is to look out for imposters correctly. What’s better than catching the real bad guy while venting. This trick is useful in the Polus map,

among us tips and tricks
Crewmate's Perception

just stand behind this wall near the vent. You see there is no other direction to come out expect for the vent, that can only be done by an imposter.

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Imposter's Perception

Moreover, if you stand there without moving, the imposter will not be able to see you due to vision restrictions. So, when anyone comes out of that corner, you can be quite sure of him being an imposter.

#2 Inspect Sample Task

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Many players are not aware about this simple yet effective trick. Whenever you have the ‘Inspect Sample’ task in the Medbay, you don’t have to stand there for 60 seconds. You can leave as soon as you press the green button and close the task. Meanwhile, complete your other tasks and come back later to finish the final step.

#3 Sabotage While on Cams

This tip will help you after you become an imposter. You might have observed that you can’t actually sabotage while you are near the cams in security. The ‘Sabotage’ button gets replaced by the ‘Security’. This will not allow you to sabotage and can create un-wanted problems

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To counter it, open the ‘Sabotage’ panel before entering into the security and then proceed forward. It will stay open even if you are near the cams. So, you might get away by sabotaging even while near the cams in security.

#4 Look for Players in Security

Imposters often need to vent out from Electrical as it is the most vulnerable area to kill someone. The vent in electricity goes out towards Security and Medbay. It is really important to see if anyone is already standing there or not. You can quickly see the whole area of Security will in the vent.

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You just need to tap on the Medbay side array and then do it back in security. You will be able to see the complete security room to check if someone is standing near the cams or not. You can do this multiple times to be double sure.

#6 Complete Tasks from Wall

Some tasks in the game can be completed by not exactly going to their location. A couple of them are listed below in the Polus map

  • O2: Fix Wiring
  • Boiler Room: Open Waterways
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#6 Inverted Map

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It is more likely a fun trick and you are bored playing the same map over and over again. Just set your system's date to 1 April and you will see the whole map getting inverted. It will be like a mirror image of the actual map and will be a new experience for you.

Also, if you the host and do this trick, the map will be changed for all the players. Do try this trick while playing with your friends. Keep in touch with Gamzo for more fun game facts and news.

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