Call of Duty Mobile: Suppressor Mechanism And Guide

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Hello gamers, welcome to yet another tips and tricks post. COD Mobile is one of the few games in the mobile community that provides an almost realistic experience to the players. The developers have designed the game so well that it even follows all the laws of physics much accurately. And this requires us, the gamers, to know the mechanism of the weapons. And this may get very intimidating for beginners. So as always, we have got your back. Today, we are going to discuss the 'Gun Suppressor and its Mechanism'. So let's begin the 'Call of Duty Mobile: suppressor mechanism and guide'.

Call of Duty Mobile Suppressor Mechanism Guide

Suppressors are the least used attachments for the guns in the game, as they reduce the range of that particular weapon. Without the bullet being traveled much longer, the weapon becomes almost useless. But on the contrary, it hides your location from enemies in the minimap. So you must be fully aware of the exact functioning to help you during the battle.

Friendly Guns (No range reduction)

  • Snipers: DLQ33, LOCUS, XPR, ARCTIC.50
  • Assault Rifles: AK117, ICR-1, Type-25, M4
  • SMG: Chicom
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Talking about the snipers, it’s usually used to cross-examine the surroundings. Players camp in some corner of the map and try to locate enemies. I’m sure you won’t like to get spotted in this situation, so getting a suppressor on the head of your gun will aid you a lot. Moreover, it will hide your location from the opponents, with no effect on the range.

When the gear shifts towards the LMG’s, players don’t often use M4LMG for its less stable nature. But, RPD is an extremely deadly gun with an attached suppressor. If you have it on your side, you are among the most toxic players of the match who show no mercy for their opponents.

Guns to Have Suppressor

  • GKS
  • PDW
  • Kn-44
  • HBRa3
  • LK24
Call of Duty Mobile Suppressor Mechanism Guide

It all depends upon your preference for attaching a suppressor to your weapon. However, the listed guns won’t get much affected by it. HBRa3 is enjoyed by many players as it becomes ghostly quiet with a suppressor. Also, if you are flanking with PDW, a suppressor will make aiming down much easier for you.

Guns to Avoid Suppressor

  • Pharo
  • M16
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The reason these two guns are listed to avoid suppressor is very simple. All COD players know that these weapons are one-burst killing guns and are mostly used in close range fights. No doubt, they are highly effective but putting a suppressor will make them dead. It will seem like firing squishy peas at your opponents. So, this is the end of Call of Duty: Mobile suppressor mechanism and guide and we are sure that this will add value to your COD Mobile skills. Happy Gaming!

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Which guns in COD Mobile are suppressor friendly?

Following are the suppressor friendly guns in COD Mobile:
Snipers: DLQ33, LOCUS, XPR, ARCTIC.50
Assault Rifles: AK117, ICR-1, Type-25, M4
SMG: Chicom

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