New map in PUBG Mobile 0.19.0? Is it the Karakin?

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Rumors about PUBG mobile getting a new map has been going on for ages. The online community has been claiming about new maps like Karakin and Venezia in the very next update. However, we did not see anything like that. But finally, it seems that we are indeed getting a new map in PUBG mobile. Why we are so confident about the new map is because of multiple reasons. Is it called Karakin? Read on.

Have some coffee & break new ground!

The guys at PUBG Mobile have been sending mysterious emails to prominent personalities like gamers and streamers. These emails contain nothing more than an image. In which, "Have some coffee & break new ground!" is written on one side and on the other side image, they have included kind of a puzzle. The puzzle looks like a landmass and upon closer inspection, we can see some number marked on it. Like #1/4. Could it be a new map?

The guys over at PUBG Mobile sent over a very cryptic email which was pretty much three sentences and an image. However, what caught our eye was the attached image. It features a postcard, but the stamp seems to be of some landmass.

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Join us at the gamer’s cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee while breaking new ground

"Join us at the gamer’s cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee while breaking new ground", this was included in the emails sent by PUBG Mobile. Could the line 'Join us at the gamer’s cafe', mean that we need to join the other pieces of the puzzle which was sent to other gamers? And is the line 'breaking new ground', hinting about the new map?

Tweets by PUBG Mobile

The guys at PUBG mobile Twitter handle have been making multiple tweets, which also hints that we might be getting a new map. In the latest tweet by PUBG mobile, they have posted all four images, the ones sent to the gamers. And after combining all four pieces of the puzzle, we got something very interesting. What do you think? Is it the new map?

pubg mobile new map

Replies by PUBG Mobile on twitter

And finally, some online users replied to the above tweet asking them if it was the new map, Karakin? And the replies by PUBG mobile are also hinting about the new map. See it yourself:

Our Take

Many online users seem to think that the new map could be Karakin. The new map has been available on PC and console for quite a while. So it is only a matter of time before it makes the jump to mobile. Other maps, like Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi also followed the same route. But still, nothing can be said about it. Hey, what do you think, is it the new map, and if it is, which one, Karakin or Venezia? Do let us know in the comments below and also subscribe to us for the latest news about PUBG Mobile.

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