People Wanted to Storm into GTA: San Andreas Area 51, but no one came

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Now there was this amazing event that took place on September 20th which was the plan to raid area 51 for E.T life although it got about 1.5 million attending and 1 million interested on Facebook, only 150 members showed up at the gates of area 51 in Nevada, LA.

As much as we all wanted to participate in the raid we all live in different parts of the world, but hey I've got a wise solution to this issue…

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One of the most beloved memories of our childhood is playing GTA: San Andreas and I'm pretty sure most of us have done that, in the game, you can find area 53 ( which is the real area 51) near the abandoned airstrip near Las Venturas, a real replica of Las Vegas.

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All you need to do is grab a fast vehicle and reach the gates of area 53 and you will instantly have a 5 - star wanted level with helicopters and FBI trucks chasing you like there's no tomorrow.

Do you have to enter Area 51 on a mission

Originally in the games storyline mission you get to read area 53 after Truth requests you to go get the secret device in that place by stealth or by chaos against an entire army of soldiers with very little ammo in your inventory and must say it is one of the best missions I've played in the game and guess what ? At the end of the mission you're rewarded with the first-ever JETPACK in a GTA game which is a very useful vehicle and can help you finish other missions with the least difficulty.

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If you're going there after the mission, don't worry you won't be disappointed. If you could sneak into the parking lot, you will find a rhino(tank) and a hunter (battle helicopter) at your disposal, so feel free to steal them and have fun with the military.

It's Grand Theft Auto after all….

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