PUBG Mobile: Everything to Survive in the ‘Safety Scramble’ or Blue Zone

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PUBG Mobile has recently received a brand new segment in the gaming section, Safety Scramble, or the Blue Hole Mode. It was added in the Evo Ground after the 0.18.0 update. It revolutionizes the previous gaming style completely and brings a twist in the usual gameplay. This mode consists of a double blue zone, internal and external. Here we bring you some of the best tips that will help you to survive and conquer this double-zone madness.

What is PUBG Mobile Blue Hole Mode or Safety Scramble?

PUBG Safety Scramble

Every player knows the strategy of camping in the center of the zone to avoid rotating once the zone shifts. This gives them an unfair advantage and can easily take cover for incoming enemies. This new mode will be having a second blue zone spawned within the safe circle. It will similar to the external circle chasing down the players. Moreover, the inner unsafe zone will be the next safe zone after the time expires.

Why do we need Safety Scramble in PUBG Mobile?

Getting a chicken dinner almost depends on your luck. If the zone shifts away from you, you will have a hard time getting to a safer place. Players already in the safe zone will have more chances of killing you while you are rotating to a new location.

PUBG Safety Scramble

This mode on the contrary will shrink the playing area which will eventually lead to a hardcore environment. Now the players can’t camp inside the zone and have to participate in the fights. This will be the true test of your skills and how you handle the situation strategically.

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Blue Hole Gaming Mechanism

As already stated, there will be an inner circle that will remain in the game from the initial circle itself. After the outer zone shrinks, the inner circle will act as the new safe zone and a new unsafe area will be created inside it.

PUBG Safety Scramble

To provide more loot, items will spawn with an increased rate of 50% than the usual classic matches. Also, you can revive your teammate within 4 seconds as to maintain the gameplay much faster.

How to Win it Strategically

Players will have reduced fighting area due to double blue zones. Make sure you have good shooting skills as you can’t run from it. There will always be more people roaming within your area as everyone wants to survive the heat of battle.

PUBG Safety Scramble

You can use the inner blue zone to your advantage. It is for a fact that the inner zone will be the next safe zone, so make sure to grab an apartment near the edge of it after you complete your loot. It will be the most convenient spot to hide and wait for your enemies. You will be able to catch many players that would be trying to get inside the safer zone. Not only this, you will also need to cover less distance to get to the next safe zone.

Best Weapon Combo

As this mode is already having the Item Spawn Rate increased by 50%, you won’t be having much issues in getting loot. This mode is currently only supported by Erangel map, so you should rely more on mid and long ranged weapons. SMG’s and shotguns being completely short-ranged can be avoided picking up.

pubg mobile auto run1 on

More specific weapons to carry will be zone dependent. If the zone is shifting towards an open field or area with less cover, try to yield a sniper rifle as one of your weapon. Whereas against zones with more buildings and choke points, AR’s like AKM, M416, Scar-L etc will be more convenient to kill your enemies. However, always try to pick weapons you are most comfortable with.

Importance of Vehicles

All the vehicles will be spawned normally in this mode. They will help you to reach the safe zone along with your whole squad. Never leave your vehicle, especially in the last few circles as it can also be a cover to stop incoming hits. Keep it full-on gas as who knows when you need to chase an enemy car.

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