Twitch Rivals Valorant Series 2: Draft, Schedule, and more

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Twitch Rivals Valorant Series 2: Draft, Schedule, and more: The Twitch Rivals stage is set for another Valorant showdown on 29 and 30 June 2021. Twitch Rivals Valorant series 2 is focused on female Valorant content creators from NA. The 'all-female' captains will draft eight teams and compete for a $50,000 prize pool.

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The Valorant Series 2 Schedule has been condensed to just two days to fit in Twitch Rivals' other planned events. While the first day (29 June) will see teams divided into two groups of four, and locking horns in a round-robin format, the second day will be play-offs.

Twitch Rivals Valorant Series 2: Draft, Schedule, and more

Twitch Rivals Valorant Draft (Series 2)

The drafting of teams was scheduled for 26 June and was not supposed to be broadcasted. So, the teams for Twitch Rivals Series 2 have been finalized but are yet to be revealed. If your favourite content creator is from NA, they must be playing.

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Twitch Rivals Valorant Series 2 Day 1

Day 1 will feature a Round Robin group phase in which creator teams will be split up into 2 groups of 4, and will play each other team in their group in a single-elimination bracket. Rankings will be based on game score within the group, and ties in the standings will be determined by a knife round playoff. The winner from each group will proceed to the semi-finals on day 2, whereas 2nd and 3rd places will play in quarterfinals, again on day 2.

Twitch Rivals Valorant Series 2 Day 2

Day 2 will feature the top 3 teams from each group advancing to a 6-team playoff, with the 1st place team in each group getting a bye to the semifinals. All playoff matches will be Bo3 and will be single elimination. So, one team from the semi-final and the other from the quarter-final will battle it out for $10,000.

Twitch Rivals Valorant Series 2 prize pool

The eight teams will fight for a total of $50,000 in the following breakdown:

Group Stage Prizing ($12,000 total)

CriteriaPrizing (per Team)Prizing (per Player)
Per Match Win$1,000$200

Final Rankings ($38,000 total)

Final RankingPrizing (per Team)Prizing (per Player)
1st Place$10,000$2,000
2nd Place$7,000$1,400
3rd / 4th Place$5,000$1,000
5th / 6th Place$3,000$600
7th / 8th Place$2,500$500

Where and how to watch Twitch Rivals all female Valorant Series 2

You can tune in to the official TwitchRivals channel on Twitch to watch the event. The participating content creators are also allowed to stream their POV.

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Twitch Rivals Valorant Series 2 Rules

  • Captains select one co-captain
    • Players sign up for the Draft pool based on Twitch Rivals + Riot requirements
    • Team captains draft 3 players for their team to create a team of 5
    • Group Stage
      • Captains randomly assigned to either Group A or Group B
      • 2 games played per match
      • Overall standings will be based on Game Wins
      • The top 3 teams from each group will advance to the Playoffs bracket. The bottom team from each group will be eliminate
      • Tiebreakers
        • Knife Round
    • Playoffs
      • Single Elimination Bracket
        • Best of 3 Quarterfinals, Semifinals, & Finals
      • 1st place Group A and 1st place Group B will receive byes into the Semifinals
      • 2nd & 3rd place from each group will be seeded into Quarterfinals
      • Tiebreakers
        • Total Game Win %
        • Head to Head record
    • Map & Side Selection
      • Team A bans a Map
      • Team B bans a Map
      • Team A picks Map 1; Team B selects starting side
      • Team B picks Map 2; Team A selects starting side
      • Remaining map is Map 3; winner of Map 2 selects starting side

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