Paparazzi (Eurus) not in 4AM dota roster, rumours that 4AM and VG had a financial disagreement.

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To the community's surprise, Eurus (formerly Paparazzi) has not been included in the 4AM Dota roster according to various rumours in the community. Read on to find out why.

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Sylar takes the responsibility of carrying the new 4AM dota roster, however this decision is rumoured to have been taken only because the owners of 4AM backed out at the final moment during the agreement between VG and 4AM.

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The source for this comes from one of VG's owners' Weibo account accusing 4AM of bad decisions on their part. He also has mentioned that Eurus is on contract for VG till September 2021. VG also has signed 23savage as their new carry and so it seems like a bad move from 4AM on their part to back out of an agreement at the last moment. Nevertheless, the decision has been taken and announced. Here is what the 4AM Dota roster looks like:

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Final Roster of 4AM

  1. Sylar
  2. Somnus 'M
  3. Yang
  4. fy
  5. RedPanda

Source: 4AM official Weibo account

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