VCT NA Stage 3: Challengers 1 Open Qualifiers Round of 16 Day 2 results

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VCT NA Stage 3: Challengers 1 Open Qualifiers Round of 16 Day 2 results: Let's have a look at VCT NA Stage 3: Challengers 1 Open Qualifier Round of 16 Day 2 results:

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Version1 vs. Luminosity

Version1 has now established themselves as a top tier team in the entire world always playing with a stand-in! This time, it was V1 zellsis who was unable to play as he was banned by Riot itself. You can checkout the entire story here. Thief stood-in for zellsis and showed a stellar performance! Both map 1, Haven and map 2, Split ended with the same scoreline, 13-8 favouring V1. V1 wippie was all over the map just making space and taking map control for Version1. V1 penny was the match MVP with 276 ACS and LG YaBoiDre was the team MVP with 264 ACS.

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Andbox vs. Gen.G

This matchup was a pretty close one. Both teams seemed to know what the other team was planning to do in every round and eventually just began counter-strating. On the 1st map, Breeze felt like a BREEZE for Gen.G as they dominated ABX by winning their map pick at 13-5 scoreline. It seemed like ABX was just trolling by looking at ABX Vice's crosshair. The 2nd map, Icebox looked like a T sided affair! Gen.G dominated the first half and won it at 10-2 scoreline. But when ABX started attacked in the second half it looked like the tables have turned. ABX was able to push the map into OVERTIME! ABX won the map at 14-12 scoreline. On the 3rd map, Split was completely unlucky for ABX fans as the 1st half was even at 6-6 scoreline. But in the 2nd half, ABX did not manage to win even a single round on the CT side. The match ended at 13-6 scoreline. ABX yay dropped 60 kills and 282 ACS. He was the match MVP with GEN gMD being the team MVP at 271 ACS.

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Cloud9 Blue vs. Rise Esports

Many fans called this series a major upset as Rise just 2-0'd C9 Blue. C9 blue were supposed to come victorious as expected by many people. Rise won map 1, Split at 7-13 scoreline and map 2, Ascent at 11-13 scoreline. supamen bulldozed C9B by his amazing anchoring at Ascent A-site with his Astra. RISE supamen was the match MVP with 269 ACS and C9B leaf was the team MVP with 229 ACS.

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Virtuoso vs. Kansas City Pioneers

Map 1, Ascent was picked by VRT. VRT seemed to be completely outplayed by KCP. They lost the first half at 1-11 scoreline and the map at 3-13 scoreline. Map 2, Bind was picked by KCP. KCP won the first half at 3-9 scoreline and the map at 5-13 scoreline. KCP Oderus was the match MVP with 296 ACS and VRT Apotheon was the team MVP with 191 ACS.

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The North American Valorant region has finally got it's top 8 teams in the open Qualifiers for Challengers 1. They are:

  • Version1
  • 100 Thieves
  • Envy
  • Kansas City Pioneers
  • XSET
  • Rise
  • Sentinels
  • Gen.G

Out of these 8 teams, only 4 will qualify for playoffs.

SEN TenZ's Grandma is rank 2 in NA

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