ValoNERD #5: Viper on Bind- B-site Defense

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ValoNERD #5: Viper on Bind- B-site Defense: We have already covered Viper on Bind- post plant lineupsA-site attackB-site attack and A-site Defense , let's have a look at b-site defense.

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1st Method

  1. Stand on the edge of the Hookah window.
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2. Right-click and throw your Poison Cloud at the middle of the edge.

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3. Position yourself as shown on the minimap near Octogon and throw your wall.

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4. Try to throw you wall in a angle where it cuts B-long diagonally.

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5. The B-bombsite should look something like this after both the Poison cloud and the wall are activated.

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2nd Method

This method is useful when one of your teammates wants to play near the octagon. Try to make sure that that teammate is a duelist as he/she could just escape after getting one or two kills.

  1. Stand inside of the Hookah and throw your wall covering Hookah and b long.
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2. Right-click your Poison Cloud outside the octagon as shown.

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3. The B-bombsite should look something like this after you activate both the wall and the poison cloud.

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4. The Poison Cloud near Octagon has two main uses. Firstly, it will block enemy vision into Octagon allowing your teammate to play there safely. Secondly, if the enemies decide to push the Poison Cloud, they will get hit by 30 damage instantly allowing your teammate to kill them more easily.

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We have successfully covered how to play Viper on Bind both on Defence and on Attack.

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The next ValoNERD will be on Sova Shock Dart Lineups on Haven map.

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